ConnectOn, a cool way to send photos to your friends

ConnectOn a cool way to send and show photos to your friends.

Start showing here:


 Android app on Google Play

device-2012-09-07-171408  1.Select contacts with email from contact list using plus button

device-2012-09-07-172811  2.Select photo from sdcard

 device-2012-09-07-172619  3.Drag photo to Contact

4.Select your Email Application

5.Drag Contact to Trash to remove from desk


Android app on Google Play

Download ConnectOn Free App


Download ConnectOn Free App



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Keynuts Password Saver

Have all your account names and passwords encrypted with you.
You can protect access to the list using a passcode.
Or rely on your android lock system.


This is a Beta version.
We always recommend to have a backup.




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